Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not Comic

I've been to Aurora. This sick, deranged individual who shot so many people at a screening of
the Batman movie there...hardly any words.
He wants to be infamous; I wouldn't put his smirking picture on my site, which we've seen everywhere.
I also won't show the Joker, as that is how he referred to himself to the police. The psychopath
known as "The Comedian", shown above, is a placeholder for that...person.
It's not just the slaughter of innocents that is shocking-he also 'boobytrapped' his apartment, leaving the stereo blaring to draw police into entering.
That is ALL Sick, and I can say that in this society because we still honor Life and see it's destruction as a
'Evil' is like that Justice's famous description of pornography: "We know it when we see it."
This young man is evil, twisted...not like us, those of us who affirm Life is to be treasured.
 Weep with those who are weeping. Pray for the survivors. Thank God that it wasn't worse.


Doug said...

Two of the best memories from my visit to Aurora/Denver:
"The Tattered Cover Bookstore"
and watching the Braves beat the Rockies, seated ten rows back behind first base. For free.

James said...

Of course Westboro Baptist wasted no time in gloating over the incident and even taunting the victims. Frankly, I'm not sure who's worse.

Something doesn't seem quite right about this all. Where does an unemployed student get $20,000 worth of protective gear? Didn't someone get suspicious when he purchased 600 rounds of ammo? Why did he surrender with so little fanfare? I'm not really a conspiracy theorist, but something seems a bit off kilter.

If he's sane, I think evil is an apt word. Otherwise, mental illness can cause just about anything: paranoid delusions, hallucinations, who knows ...

Doug said...

Hello James-I'd say that Westboro is just as bad as the Aurora shooter.
" Where does an unemployed student get $20,000 worth of protective gear?"

I've heard that he came from an affluent family-he probably has had credit cards since he was a kid.

My personal take on this is that this sick person was following in the steps of the Heath Ledger 'joker'-who was nihilistic and uncaring regarding anyone but himself.
That Joker would set up conflicts for people-the two ships-convicts vs sightseers, each with the ability to save themselves by destroying/detonating the other ship. Who would kill to live?
Also the scene where two gang members are given a choice-one of them can join his gang and live-they have to fight each other to survive.
I can see this guy using the same 'reasoning': "You want to see the Batman movie? Okay-you die. If you had chosen "Ice Age" you would have lived.

" Why did he surrender with so little fanfare?"
Just like the Ledger Joker, who allowed himself to be 'caught' so that he could get to a witness in jail. He also bombed that jail, inside another prisoner, to make his jailbreak. At the time of his capture, this guy still had his apartment booby-trapped with firebombs, playing the stereo loud to draw complaints/police.
I think he was echoing the Ledger Joker; Heath Ledger's death before the opening of "The Dark Knight" may have added some weight to the nihilism of the character.
But that's just me thinking on a computer screen. It could be that this guy is just too nuts to figure out his motivations.
A friend made a very good point this morning-she said, "I don't care about this guy, why he did such a horrible thing. Our prayers and thoughts should be with the victims."