Thursday, February 07, 2013

Be a Pal

On first thought, be kind, if that is an option for you.
In my past 48 hours I have benefited from the kindness of friends, who have brightened my
darkish day(s). Very cool.
X-ample Time!
I stole something awhile ago, and it has worked out for the better.
I used to live in a small town which was very 'enviro-groovy' with tree huggers abounding.
I 'stole' an idea from the post office up there, shared it with my local postal station here and now
we have a recycling bin in the lobby in place of an overstuffed trash can.
At the Superduper-Market where I shop I park truck far from the entrance, grab a shopcart on my
way in to leave inside. Costs me nothing but a little more exercise; if more people did this, the burden
on the staff would be lessened.
I'm not tootin' my own saxophone here-these are examples of what I've done. The point is, look
for little things that you can do which can make life easier/better/happier for your fellow man and womankind. Even (especially) if no one notices or gives you a thumbs up/thank you.
The world can always use another good day.


Doug said...

That "Used to live" place I mentioned is beautiful, and a bit of an 'artists' playground.
And rural. A neighboring town has a town hall...with no running water. Outhouses in the back.
It was extremely expensive to live in that area unless your family was rich or had homesteaded since forever. I was working a full time job plus two part time just to make it.

May your day be better than you were hoping.

Doug said...

Be a pal to yourself, too.
I actually got a BSOD yesterday, my first ever on this machine.
Today I compiled all of my online informations, usernames and passcodes and printed out a copy so that IF my computer does go betamax on me, I have all the pertinent info.
Photos, of course, are all backed up on CD or thumbdrives.
Music is on the Apple cloud, so I'm set.