Monday, February 04, 2013

Preposterously Inelegant

35 years ago-I just did the math. Even back then in the rudiments, I was 'making funny' though lacking the context of real life experience.
Now I have R.L. Experience...but funny? I dunno.
My Jan/early Feb has been tumult and upheaval...but as I noted in the last post, I lean not on my own understanding. Tumult comes and goes and comes again, but my foundation, my house is built on the solid ground of Christ and His promises to take care of us whatever upheaval heaves up around us. s'cool.
I was in Montreal when the picture was taken-the smaller photo is from a booth in the subway system.
Talk about lacking life experience-back in that era I bought a ticket to see a big name rock band, and I mistook E.L+.P. for E.L.O.
I didn't ever do drugs, but the pot smoke wafting through the audience gave me a headache-I left after hearing "Lucky Man".
Just this week I saw a friend I worked with 30 years ago-she now has 6 kids and a few grandchildren.
It is wow. I still feel like the kid in the picture above. I make funny and have a feeling I will still be joking on my deathbed.
I can see it now-my relatives surrounding me, waiting for the death fairy to sprinkle the magic dust and get it over with, and my last words would be:
"I hid all of the gold in the..."

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Doug said...

Just watched "Duck Soup" again tonight-those boys could make funny, but relied on great writers to help them make funny.
I have no staff, (obviously) and so must steal (borrow) such glib as I can.

"Why did the chicken coop have two doors?"

"If it had four doors, it would be a sedan."