Monday, February 25, 2013

History of a Goof

Listening to a history podcast right now-a series on life in ancient Rome which is very interesting (to me).
Just another reason I love iTunes, and iTunes U with access to Universities and college courses from all around the world-this podcast is from La Trobe University in Australia.
My personal history will never be fodder for a history course, of course, but part of my morning fun today
was working with old photos, digitizing and 'cleaning up' stuff from my back whens.
One of my best friends in high school is seen above responding to my mugging. Always go for the laugh, right?
All lose touch with old friends-I heard that he came back for our 30 year school reunion-I was
'working'-doing wedding photos for a friend, so I missed seeing him.
S'allright. We probably don't have that much in common anymore. Just yesterday I visited with another friend from HS who was at our church for a special service. Much in common indeed.
Years ago I determined not to share too much of my life online-I see dangers and possible abuses in the social networks where people are too open.
But here at FDW I can drop the mystery mask a little bit from time to time. I think it's safe-hardly anyone knows that it exists.
"Neronian Renaissanse" is the Roman course episode I'm listening to now-compared to Nero I am an angel.
Looking back at my years, I see the hand of God directing me down my path. I was a few years away from becoming a Christian in the photo above...but God was there. He knew me before the creation of the world, according to Scripture, and from an early age I knew Who I was hiding from. I look on the day that Christ
brought me to Salvation as the best day of my life; the rest since then have been pretty good.
May God tap you on the shoulder.


Doug said...

Funny thing-years and years upon years ago I had a large poster of Norway showing a mountain jutting up from a fyord. Just today I found a picture that looks to be that exact scene, and now I have it as my desktop.

Doug said...

Oh my. It's no wonder that people wonder about Christians, when we have creatures such as this guy:
muddying what should be crystal clear waters.
I found his page linked off of my friend Crystal's site-this Tony Jones
is what we used to call a heretic...not because we disagree with him, but because he disagrees with Scripture. It's not an opinion game-there is indeed black and white, right and wrong, and this guy Jones is wrong.