Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Day I Lost My Mind

Summer 1981. Fido Castro decided that Cuba could do with a bit of Spring Cleaning; he opened his prisons and insane asylums and said, "You who want to get out...GET OUT!"
So began the exodus of Cuban refugees grabbing anything that could float for them to make it to the land of the free.
I had just a few months left in my enlistment, and my ship's officers decided that they could get along without
me-I spent all of August in Key West temporarily assigned to help with the retrieval of the Cuban flotsam.
It was HOT. I was nearly miserable, and stayed inside (as much as possible) with air conditioning at the Days Inn where I had been billeted.
The Day I Lost My Mind was the day I turned on the TV and discovered "Fawlty Towers". Whatever channel it was, they were playing one episode after another all day.
I had never seen anything like it. I laughed so hard I was helpless on the floor for hours. As soon as one
was done another would begin, so I'm thinking it must have been cable like HBO-no commercials, no possible break to catch my breath, I was GONE.
It was brilliant; I recently bought the remastered collection, which looks great-remarkable, considering how long ago the shows were produced.
If you want to laugh, catch up with Basil, Sybil, Polly and Manuel. It shines.

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Doug said...

following up from the last post-Fawlty Towers was brilliantly funny while operating within the constraints of British TV-they didn't need profanity to get laughs-they did it the old fashioned way: they earned it.
How many TV shows and movies these days are so full of cursing for effect that the words have lost their sting?
Like that chef I mentioned-overuse leads to diminished impact for the words.
Two posts in one day-I need to go sit down.