Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So, the big news of the week is that Papa Benny has decided to retire from Popery.
Not being of the Catholic persuasion myself, this means el zilcho to me, but I can appreciate
that it might be a big deal for the paganistas.
Of course, every one retiring should keep busy, find something to wake up for...so I
suggest that the Pope run for President of the United States.
Sure, it's a step down for him, but as he is stepping down anyway...why not?
He already has experience being a figurehead, leaving the actual running of a country
to upstarts and scalywags.
There wouldn't be any rumblings from the atheists about separation of church and state...
because he would no longer BE Pope.
If we've learned anything from Nixon, it's that a President can resign in the middle of his term,
so if President Obama wanted to move on to his next gig, really, there's
no reason to stay. Look around-his work is done.
We could hold a special election and Catholic Jokin' Joe Biden would certainly stay on as Veep for former Pope Benedict, who could probably wipe up the floor with any pretenders to the throne (Bill Maher? Al Franken? Lady Gaga?) also running.
The gentleman pilot on the right cringing in the photo above is being played by...
If by now you're wondering if my pilot light has gone out...I'm fine. The pilot/actor noted above
in Plan Nine, Greg Walcott played a jerk named "Pope" in "The Eiger Sanction".
If Pope Benny decided not to run for President, 'Pope' Walcott is a few years younger and
would do a better job than who we've got now.
An Actor for President? It could work.

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Doug said...

I admit it-it always amused me that the biggest jerk in "The Eiger Sanction" was named Pope.
Greg Walcott got the gig in Plan Nine From Outer Space because his Baptist church financed the film-I've noted before that his pastor played one of the gravediggers.
The church wouldn't give the money to Ed Wood until he and his cast/crew were baptized. I don't recall any saints extorting money from film producers in the Bible...but what can I say? Not all Baptist churches are alike.
As for my slight slam on our present President...if the Sec Gen of the United Nations gig rotates over to our hemisphere in the next three years...I could see President Obama cutting out to grab at that bigger brass ring.
In all candor, I respect Pope Benny's decision to step down-though his is only a figurehead position, that job must be a strain for someone so elderly.
May the next Pope be young enough to last a few decades at least.