Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dead Blogging The Oscars

Nothing mordant in the post title-it's just that the Oscars are on right now, and I lack the ABC network on my TV, so I am not quite 'live blogging' Oscar night.
I just finished watching "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" on Blu ray, and I like it better now than when it premiered and 'just wasn't as good' as "Raiders". Compared to the tired and weak "Crystal Skulls" fourth entry, "Temple" is a masterwork of cinema, with more gross out humor than a Sam Raimi flick.
Speaking of Raimi, I am looking forward to his "Oz the Great and Powerful" next month-should be a great show.
Here and elsewhere you have seen the word 'cosmos' used to refer to the world system in which we exist which is in conflict with God.
Prime Example: if there were no worldly conflict with God, Christians would be the most beloved citizens of this planet as we are members of God's family. We are not beloved. Often we are not even tolerated.
So, this cosmos, this world which rejects God seeks to supplant Him with an array of Prominent Peoples, little gods who deign to walk among us...which brings us back to the Oscars, and the celebration of MAN's achievements.
Actors and film makers are idolized for their 'Art'? Why?
I love movies, and have quite a good collection...but I don't idolize any man or woman because I know that we are all dust.
I don't buy into the hype that movie stars are anything special. There are talented people with great gifts-for example, I consider Gabriela Montero a gifted pianist. I respect her art. But I don't idolize her-she's also just dust.
It's not just Hollywood. A Lithuanian friend once told me that Michael Jordan is more popular in his country than Jesus Christ. Lithuania is a predominantly Catholic country, so that was a bold statement.
Oh yes-the picture. One of my finest portraits. Everything was perfect a half a second before the shutter clicked. It's a fave.


Doug said...

I see that Anne Hathaway won an Oscar
I didn't see "Le Mis" but I did like her work in "Dark Knight Rises".
As I wrote, I watched the second Indiana Jones adventure tonight, and that cosmos thing reared its ugly head again.
After "Raiders" which paid respect to the Hebrew religion and Christian God...they just HAD to respect someone else's god in the sequel. You know-to prove that Speilberg/Lucas aren't Bible thumpers or yamika wearers. Kali and Shiva get their due in Temple of Doom.
The cosmos demands the worship of non gods. How sad is that?

Doug said...

I assume that the Oscar telecast will be wrapping up soon.
I heard a great sermon (actually two)
yesterday from the archives of Dr Adrian Rogers, who went to Heaven in 2005.
He had one of the best speaking voices, but the wisdom he shared is even better.