Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blessings Surer Than Sunshine

It isn't the least bit comical, but the world's willful blindness about God makes me shake my head.
Stars above, sunshine, living creatures...all the result of ...chaos? Not God? All things just simply happen? What I'm saying is this: if everything 'just happened' without God that would be chaos.
Entropy is the 'breaking down' of a system. Breaking down? From chaos TO order? Wouldn't that be swimming upstream sideways?
FROM chaos you cannot get order. You only get more chaos.
But there IS order. Stars above, light and darkness, living creatures genetically coded down to a sub-molecular level.
If we came from chaos, if there is no order to Creation, if all 'just happens' then how is it that you have the ability to recognize that you are reading words on a screen right now?
Here, have some limited chaos-I will shut my eyes and randomly hit keys:
"Eyes shut-kkkld I fjdfeojdcdkiafvkvdflamgifrgkforgit that I can houch ghpd z gvf[a oj v[amfv["
We live in an ordered Creation because we have a Creator Who IS.
And He Blesses us all with many gifts. He has Blessed you. Even if you can't see it.


Doug said...

Swimming upstream sideways is impossible. So is a Creation without a Creator.
It isn't the Creator part that bothers people about God-it's the Judgement part.
So, because they don't want to face Judgement, they hide their heads in the sand
(that God created) and say that He doesn't exist.
Maybe if I pretend that President Barack Obama doesn't exist I won't have onerous taxes
burdening me to pay for his socialist agenda. Nope! Can't pretend away somebody!

Doug said...

It's called cross-pollination; as I feared (sorta) when Google deleted FDW for a few days, I reconstituted the blog with a newish title, which I will also be updating as a companion blog. The latest post there is ooh, snarky:
hint: the only change in the address is an 'r' making it 'finer' dry wit. I am unoriginal.

James said...

FYI: the new format is really weird. I'm not sure I like it!

In terms of order, well .. yes, there's some semblance of order, especially when it comes to anatomy and so forth. If our galaxy were the only galaxy, Deism would really be the only rational conclusion. Yet, it seems that much of the universe is a vast wasteland of stars exploding and imploding and so forth ... it sure seems chaotic. What's the point of it all?