Monday, March 04, 2013

She Crashed Her Car

Jenni had it all-beauty, brains, a happy life and a great job, anchoring the evening news on the number one television network.
Once upon a time, before she became an anchor, she was working a story on terrorism and found herself
staring into the muzzle of a machine gun held by a very frightened terrorist.
“I don’t believe in violence.” she said, walking away to alert the authorities.
Another time (after becoming the anchor) she stopped at a traffic light and a man with a knife pulled her car door open and threatened to kill her.
“Is this a car-jacking? I don’t believe in car-jacking.” she said, speeding off, and she made it home for dinner.
But then another time she crashed her car and died and found herself standing before God.
“Jenni,” He said, “You did not believe in my Son, and you are going to Hell.”
“I don’t believe in Hell.”
God paused, staring at her.
“You…don’t …believe in Hell?”
“You don’t fear eternal torment?”
“Not even a little bit.”
God thought for a moment.
“Well, Jenni, I guess you can stay here in Heaven then. I mean, if we were to put all of my Creation and plan for Salvation on a scale opposite your personal opinion, they’d come out about even, so who’s to say, right?”
“I don’t believe in Heaven. Or You.”
And with that Heaven and God disappeared into nothingness, and Jenni lived happily ever after.

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Doug said...

Confession time: this post is a work of fiction. There is no Jenni.
But I do admit to sometimes having too much fun coming up with these posts.