Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Striated Aging

My head (the encasement of my mind) is, as always, about 20 years old.
My arms and upper torso are vintage 30, or so.
Last night, after rip-tearing around on the job, my legs felt to be about 75.
S'all right.
I praise God for His many blessings; those parts of the Bible which tell
us that He will take care of His own, so there is no need to worry or stress
or fear?
They still hold true. Better than gold.


Doug said...

I mention at the other blog that I was laid off from my work in January, and have been job hunting. Last night was the first of what I hope to be many nights working a new job. It was kind of tough, getting back into maintenance after 10.5 years chained to a desk, but I am still tougher than any job, and I will be fine.

Lucia said...

Sorry you were laid off, glad you found work. I hope the break-in period isn't too painful.

In the summer of 1979 I got a waitress job two miles from where I was living, and I commuted on foot. My feet hurt like mad for the first two weeks. After that they never hurt again. It was quite an experience, that job, apart from getting me in probably the best shape of my life, and it taught me a few things, as all my jobs have. These days I work at a desk and pay to have people yell at me to move (which is to say I do Jazzercise). Strange days indeed.

Doug said...

The first two nights were tough physically, but I am doing much better now. Crazy schedule though-seven days on, three off, three on,one off, seven on. Mixed in a blender.
Today I emptied my locker at the hospital as, for the foreseeable future,I won't need
extra exercise. I brought my pt friends brownies.
My sister was trying to get me to take a male Zumba dance class from her teacher, but that was before I landed a job. My sister belly dances for exercise. I'd rather face lions in the arena.