Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Eastre, Ya Pagans!

One thing about Pagans-they DO know how to party! Nothing gets a pagan
salivating for a treat more than that treat being verboten for Lent.
I grew up Lutheran, but it's been so long since that sham had any influence on me that I've lost all
track of religious holidays.
I don't celebrate Easter. This Good Friday I will be working. You can have Christmas; I'm all done with it.
I WILL be celebrating my Lord's Resurrection on the same day that pagans enjoy Easter.
No chocolate bunnies. No chocolate crosses. No Easter lilies. Not just for Lent-I've given up
religion for life.
May you someday understand what I'm talking about if you don't already.

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Doug said...

My friend is a Capital C Catholic who has given up potato chips for Lent.
True piety doesn't come from anything we do or don't do, from giving up something we love or taking on something we hate.
God is Holy, and He makes His Children Holy. I don't FEEL holy, but it isn't about me and how I feel about things.
God is Holy.