Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Changes-No Expedience Necessary

So, you might have noticed a few changes here at FDW-if I don't mix it up every once in a while, it gets boring.I think I write that same sentence every time I change the blog.
I haven't touched on current events much lately-I assume that things are going to get worse, for our country and the world. {shrugs}
I just finished a book by Pastor J. Vernon McGee where he answered questions put to him on his radio show. The book was published in 1990, but the answers and questions are universal. Pastor McGee pointed out that we Christians shouldn't be surprised when corrupt human governments act corruptly...but that we honor God by being good citizens of those governments whether or not they are corrupt. God will deal with
the corrupt, the proud, and it isn't going to be pretty.
By the time the book was published Pastor McGee was already in Heaven, so he missed out on seeing the
tricks our present government is perpetrating.
He wrote something that startled me: he suggested that during the Millennial reign of Christ, we Christians may have the ability to move back and forth between Heaven and the Earth. Huh?
Of course, if God wants us to do so, it will happen, but I can't imagine it happening because WE want to do
it-I doubt that there would be many of us left on Earth. An interesting book.
As for the title-I actually saw a job posting where they wrote 'expedience' for 'experience'. I might have mentioned this before, but once I was hired as maintenance manager for an apartment complex; I was the only applicant who had spelled "Maintenance" correctly.
Life is fun I tell ya!

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