Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day Later But Not Late

 This is not a picture of my hometown, but it's close. Lots of trees and open boulevards, flag high against a blue sky. I love it.
My town isn't very prosperous-most of the good jobs died out a few decades ago- but a comfortable
living can still be made, and there are many 'small businesses' which flourish in the atmosphere of moderate
This isn't our cemetery either, but it is a good stand in for what we have. Yesterday my family and I made it to the gravesites to put flowers, remember good times, and honor those who have gone ahead.
Today I walked down to City Hall to pay a bill, which took all of five minutes. I bought a few cookies at a favorite bakery/cafe; walking back I sat in the park which has a bandshell; the city band performs every Thursday evening throughout the Summer. It's a good thing that I like the music-I live only a block away.
In simple: I am Blessed to live where I am, wherever I am. I have a home, family and church family, two cats and a rusty truck sitting in a tidy little garage.
But if I were in prison, or were sitting in a flipped over car with everything broken but the radio...I would still be Blessed. It isn't about what I have, but to Whom I belong. I love this little town in part because this is where God has placed me for His own good purposes. To know God makes every place sweet. It makes Life sweet.

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Doug said...

I imagine there were more 'cemetery' pictures on the internets yesterday than are found on any other day. It's that kind of holiday. My Day Later in the title references that-I put my cemetery post up today, and it changed from merely being about Memorials thanks to my walk downtown.