Sunday, May 26, 2013

Decorate. Remember. Honor.

Things mean what they are agreed upon to mean. What started out as "Decoration Day" after the Civil War where the graves of those who had died in battle were decorated by family transmorphed into Memorial Day.
Memorial Day has also changed, honoring those civilians who also gave their lives in service-police and firemen. Which is fine and honorable.
It is now becoming a memorial in which the graves of all who have passed are decorated by family and that is fine with me also; I believe that such honor for family in no way diminishes the respect and honor due those who died in battle during wartime.
Tomorrow is THE day, and I plan on attending the Memorial in my town. I went today to spruce up the gravestones of my family, and my sister is bringing flowers.
The smiling guy above was my father, in the Army during the Korean War but  he never saw battle.
Decorate. Remember. Honor.

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Doug said...

As I was doing my clean up thing at the cemetery I washed off about ten other stones which had been visited by birds. I don't think anyone will mind.