Friday, February 07, 2014

Getting A Few Things Straight

I guess there are some kinda Olympics going on in Russia that aren't part of the Pogrom.
And Pot. But first Russia.
Up until a few days ago I had no idea that Russia had some sort of problem with Homosexuality.
For all I knew, Putin was homosexual and nobody said boo about it.
But I guess, as strange as it seems, Russia has anti-homosexual laws in place or something.
Homosexuality isn't a civil right, or a 'human right'. It's just sad.
They are among the loneliest humans on the planet.
Because they, in their sin, are separated from God. That is a tough truth to have to live with.
Read chapter one of the book of Romans if that seems like an odd statement.
Here's the thing about Russia anti-homosexual laws, or pro-homosexual laws in certain states
here in the U.S....AND everywhere else in the world, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran where homosexuals are under a death sentence:
Passing a law against or for homosexuality is only Man setting Man's laws.
Man has also, at diverse times, legalized slavery, and disallowed political votes and other rights to women.
Man passing Judgement on man is weak tea compared to God passing Judgement on Man.
It doesn't matter if the entire world voted 100% in favor of homosexuality-if God calls it sin, it is sin.
Same with the Pot stuff going on right now. Even if all 50 states and all the satellites vote yes and allow marijuana to be sold legally, it still is wrong, and stupid to put in your body.
Watch carefully-I'm about to state my opinion!
I think that the most idiotic things you can do are smoking, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs to alter your feelings/consciousness.
How many medical problems exist simply because people abuse their bodies with such chemicals?
CVS Pharmacys are cutting out tobacco products. Good for them, but rather than any altruistic moral stand, I think they recognized that the tax climate, especially on tobacco products, was going to shrink their bottom line to the point where they wouldn't make money. If taxes price a product out of the market, why stay in that market? Also, do you know how many expensive fees and licensing 'go away' when you no longer sell tobacco products? It's a win/win.
If the United States legalizes marijuana, it will be no different than Abortion: legal, yes, but morally wrong.

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Doug said...

Russia is scamming the world with this Olympics, and I doubt that Mom Russia will be allowed to host another Games in my lifetime.
But, I get proven wrong more often than not, so who knows?