Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Today I tip my hat in blogform at the passing of Shirley Temple.
She was of my Dad's generation, and she was special.
Times were horribly bad, no jobs to be found, the 'Great Depression' consuming the world... but there-there was Shirley Temple, singing and dancing and charming audiences, lifting their hearts to help them make it through.
There will be plenty of tributes showing her as a 'moppet' with rings of curls and her bright smile, which is fine. 
I enjoyed her as a smitten teenager who makes life complicated for her sister Myrna
Loy and the object of (both of their) affection, Cary Grant. In the group above Shirley is imagining
Cary as a Knight in armor.
The movie is "The Bachelor And the Bobby-Soxer" and a good time is had by all-check it out.
1928 to 2014...may she rest in peace.

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Doug said...

I've mentioned before about my dad during the Depression-how his father left the family for a few years, heading across the country to find work.
It was illegal to spearfish, but Dad would do so in the creek behind the house to feed his family. One time he was nearly caught by the Fish/Game warden who developed a peculiar blindness, unable to see the suckers and spear hidden behind an 8 year old's back.
My dad had no special affection for Shirley Temple-out in the sticks where they lived I doubt that they ever saw any movies. They didn't have electricity in the house until he was a teenager. but I am a movie guy, and I appreciate what she did as a moppet bringing cheer to the world when it needed it most.