Sunday, February 02, 2014

Irrational And Wrong

Very rarely do I visit the topical side of anything, but today Philip Seymour Hoffman was found
Drug overdose is the news so far-I don't really know what happened.
The title of this post has to do with me, not Hoffman.
It was irrational and wrong of me to get angry when I heard that he had died.
I was thinking, "One more example of life and talent wasted!"
But that is unfair-I had no cause to get angry simply because Hoffman threw his life away.
It was his life to do with as he wished.
God sets the number of our days-each of us remains on this earth only so long as God
has determined that we will. Hoffman's time was up.
We would all like to go into the next world heroically, bravely-saving kids from a burning building,
rescuing souls from a shipwreck, etc.
But how we die is often less than heroic. Many of us will pass on from a hospice bed.
I am sorry that Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead. He was a fine actor.

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Doug said...

I am bringing cookies to a Super bowl party in a few hours. As I noted just a few posts ago:
"While we're here we've got to make the most of it."

One of Hoffman's lighter films which I enjoy is "Pirate Radio". If you want to pay tribute to his memory, that would be a good show to watch.
You'll also find out why I mentioned
saving souls from a shipwreck.