Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympic NUI

Read Olympic "NUI" as ennui. Even I don't get all of my references.
Maybe I'm getting too old to appreciate the Olympics. I'm happy to pay attention a little bit.
Athletes performing for their nations? Great. Happy day. Have a medal.
But success or failure noted by fractions of a fraction of a second? They all look pretty fast to me.
Everybody gets Gold!!!
I joked the other day about the combination of curling and luge being "Rollerball".
I would watch that!
I would also replace the skiing part of the "Biathalon" with 'Free Style Boogie Dance'.
Is there any reason WHY the bobsled runs couldn't have a long jump as part of the course?
That would be (please forgive me) Cooo-ooollll!!!!

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Doug said...

Soon the Olympics will be done, and life will get back to it's usual grundfoos.
I noticed that Sid Caesar passed away the other day. The title of his autobiography still fits:
"Where Have I Been?"
He dried up his last few decades after spending most of his life drunk.
That is commendable-according to the book, he quit drinking between his appearances in "Grease" and "Grease 2".
Since I mentioned in the post that not even I get all of my references,
I should come clean about an earlier post:
"requiescat in pace" was about the death of Russell Johnson who played the "Professor" on Gilligan's Island.
"requiescat in pace" because the Professor would appreciate the original Latin for "RIP" and the picture of a bamboo coffin had to do with all of his bamboo creations on the island.
There. Clear conscience.