Friday, February 28, 2014

My, Isn't It A Pretty Day!

I know that this doesn't LOOK like a pretty day, but bear with me.
We see a woman who has found a message someone smuggled into her matchbook.

"In China unwanted girl babies are destroyed-take heed, Miss Blane"

Here's the thing. China's policy of aborting female babies isn't a new thing-it was so widely recognized that it was used as a veiled threat in this movie from 1939, "Torchy Blane In Chinatown".
So why do I think this is relevant? Couple things.
Right now the Ukraine and Venezuela are in chaos. Nation altering circumstance happening,
and we don't pay attention.
China has indeed been forcibly aborting babies as a manner of population control for generations.
We don't notice.
Worldwide abortions are a now common occurrence except in Muslim countries.
It doesn't even shock us anymore.
Here's the relevance.
Right now I am following a Bible study series about Heaven by Dr. David Jeremiah.
He re-affirmed today the commonly held Christian belief that babies which are either aborted or die through miscarriage are indeed safe in Heaven. Which is wonderful for the babies, but the sin of murder is added to the guilt of the parents/women/doctors who have agreed to the abortion.
All such sins can be forgiven by God through faith in Jesus Christ but those who do not accept Christ
will bear that sin themselves.
While we may not be paying attention to Venezuela or Ukraine or Ashtabula...God is paying attention.
He will demand justice for every innocent destroyed, whether they be babies in wombs or populations murdered by tyrants.
God is watching.

Interesting sidenote/tidbit: the lady reporter shown above is Torchy Blane, played by Glenda Farrell through most of the Torchy Blane series.
She was a smart star reporter always chasing the story and her boyfriend, Police Lt. Steve MacBride.
In 1938 Torchy was played by another actress, Lola Lane, and here comes history---
Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster  liked the Torchy Blane character so much that they put her in their comic book, borrowing the name of the actress, and Torchy Blane became Lois Lane.

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Doug said...

I would encourage everyone to pay attention to the world around them, to take moments in their busy lives to appreciate all that God has done for them, and what God has promised that He will do.
As Russia attempts to get the band back together, as the people of Venezuela attempt to rid themselves of tyranny, as this nation faces more challenges than Florida Election judge in 2000...God is working.
May God give you the faith to believe.