Thursday, February 06, 2014

No, Doug-You're Wrong! My...

Hope that you don't mind, but just for a moment and a few words, I'm going to attempt to suss
out the reasonings and thought processi of the NON-CHRISTIAN:

"No, Doug-you're wrong! You pretend belief in some god so as to feel better about yourself. And
to justify your prejudices against anyone who disagrees with you, anyone who doesn't bow to your imaginary god.
I am a realist-I see the world as it is without your religion. I know LOVE, and the LOVE that I know trumps any hate that you spew in the name of your god!"

Unfair? Miss-stating how you feel, what you believe? Cut slack, please-I don't spend a lot of time in your head.

Here's why I brought up 'LOVE'. If you grew up in a family, you know probably have loved and been loved.
If my 'religion' declares that you and your loved ones are in danger of going to hell, you reject my beliefs and my God Who must be hateful and evil to do such horrible things. 
There are plenty of paganized religions out there; if you grew up in one, if your family has for generations been in some religion that rejects MY religion, then I'm not only talking about you going to hell, but the generations of your family already being in hell. That is intolerable. Unbelievable.
Love trumps religion, trumps any argument that disagrees with your beliefs.

You are right. Love trumps religion. But only God loves perfectly.
It was God's Love for me that saved me from going to hell 30+ years ago.
It was God's Love for others that made the Gospel available down through the ages-your great grands
had opportunity for Salvation in their generation, as I guarantee you that the Gospel was being preached to them also.
It was God's Love that drew Christ to Calvary, to make it possible that you (and I) could be saved.
So, who is right? Who can decide between my beliefs and yours? What makes who 'right'?
Here is the test-any religion which goes against what God has written in His Word, that religion is wrong.
And I mean any.
How can you know what God approves of or disapproves of? It's all in His Word.
You may feel/know in your heart that Doug is wrong, that all true Christians are wrong, are taking God's Word out of context, misquoting the Scriptures so as to appear self righteous.
Here, let me hold up a mirror for you: if you believe that, then it is you who is putting hope in Scripture not saying what it does.
You don't have to believe me. Ask God to open the Scriptures for you, to prove to you what He has said.
You might also feel/believe that the Scriptures cannot be trusted, that they have been changed by selfish man to reflect what we want rather than what God intended.
I suggest to you that a God great enough to create all of Creation is powerful enough to keep man from screwing up what He says. Go to the Scriptures for yourself and ask God to show you the truth.

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Doug said...

If you happen (HA ha ha!) to peruse my other blog, Finer Dry Wit, you might notice that I just used the same picture over there as with this post.
Aokigahara Forest at the foot of Mt Fuji in Japan.
People so driven by despair that they have sought a place to commit suicide have been drawn to Aokigahara for generations.
A book written in the 1960's focused on this, but the forest had been the last stop for suicides for generations.
So why the picture?
Because wherever you are, this corrupted world promulgates despair.
You don't have to go to Japan to find people who feel trapped in a world that hates, that destroys life.
Think about it.
People get drunk/high/religious to make it through the world. There's not just smog in the air, there is smog on our souls.
And the people who have good news for you, who would share God's Love with you...are your enemies?
Are wrong?
Hateful? Intolerant?
We are simply sinners who have been given Life who would love to see Heaven full and hell empty.
I'm not your enemy if I try to warn you of hell.
Your enemy are those who would convince you that we Christians are wrong. THEY are the enemies of God.