Saturday, November 26, 2016

Please Drink And Drive

What's missing?
Don't is insensate, emotionally. Invisible-we live our lives ignoring most don'ts. 
We don't notice don'ts anymore against the passing colors of everyday life because we
feel that they {don'ts} don't apply to us personally.
"No one can tell me how to live!"
So...why the gentleman pictured?
We've all seen emotionally charged don'ts displayed-
in the case of drunk driving, a picture of
an angelic child killed by a drunk driver is used
to tug at our hearts and reinforce the DON'T.
This is Thelonious Monk. Not killed by a drunk driver.
Pictured as the opposite of the angelic kid picture.
I also show his picture to remind us that he existed, and that his music still exists.
DO seek him out, and please do notice the don'ts around you.
Some of them might save your life for another day.

1 comment:

Doug said...

What brought this on, Doug?
Disparate elements which have knocked on my door in the past week.
Most societal Don'ts have solid reasons for their existences.