Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Fait Accompli? Neigh! Accompli Fail-A!

Over-verbose? You bet. Guilty. Hand raised. I hope I'm as energized in my postings during the coming McCain administration. I think there will be plenty of issues remarkable enough to remark upon.
I know, I know: I called the election a week ago-this is an update of those posts with hardly any new information, except:
The local rag newspaper announced their endorsement...of John McCain.
A blue state newspaper serving a Liberal population picked McCain over Obama. That should have Team Obama sending out for antacid relief. That's gonna leave a mark.
Actually, this post is a public service-by demonstrably announcing the McCain win early, I am opening myself up to ridicule if Obama wins. I hereby challenge our Liberal friends to craft their finest "I told you so!" comments, with extra points given for comments about my lack of intelligence, feeblemindedness, stupidity. Hygiene comments are off limits... unless really funny.
So get crackin! I will post your comments here on the front page, wearing my shame on my blogsleeve.
But only if Obama wins. I'm shakin' like a pyramid. Pretty good for an old Giza.

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