Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Joy Of Not Listening

Disaffected. Disengaged. Disthingon? tap tap

It's been a strange time lately. We have lame duck limbo lull for the next month and change as we wait for the Obama administration to be installed in the White House.
Both George Bush and I will be happy about the end of the Bush era. Don't misunderstand-I like him, I think he did a great job as President, I agreed with his policies most of the time. If Life were fair he would be heralded as a 'Victor', a hero who stood up against evil in a very evil world. D. H. Y. B.
Not everyone will understand what I have to say next:
Those who have gotten out of an abusive, dysfunctional relationship know what George Bush is feeling right now. He has been hammered unjustly for 8 years. He has tried to make peace with those who hate him, only to have olive branch after olive branch tossed back in his face. Just like a wife who loves the man who keeps beating her.
He's endured enough abuse and hatred for a lifetime; if he retires from public life and stays on the ranch in Texas, I wouldn't blame him a bit. He's earned a quiet, peaceful retirement from the hardest job in the world.
Thank you, President Bush, for successfully leading our country through very hard times.
Disengaged. I have the good fortune to live six minutes from work. Five miles, one stop light and I'm there.
For years it has been my habit to listen to the Sean Hannity radio show for the duration of my trip. I felt it was important to stay current about the election; I put up with Hannity constantly chiding listeners to fight the good fight for Conservatism. I don’t need chiding. I don’t need to be harangued into being more Conservative.
Since the election I have experienced the joy of not listening to Hannity during my six minute commute. It’s quiet, it’s pleasant, and I may never turn on the radio again.

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