Saturday, November 15, 2008

Silly Sin-phonies

Strike down the band! (Like the Mother Lamb giving birth-just kidding)
We just elected a new President, right? More people voted for Obama than McCain('t). What is this called?
Democracy. Majority rule. Will of the people. (Careful-I'm setting you up.)
I can't argue with reality-I happily accept that B. H. Obama will be our President for the next four.
Not just 'Your' President, or 'My' President....Our President.
Well, Prop 8 passed in California, affirming once again that straights own Marriage. That's the synopsis-Marriage, wedded bliss, whatever you call it-in California it means that only 1 Man (male) and 1 Woman (female) can be bound up in matrimony.
And the crowd goes wild. Those homosexually inclined persons who recently cheered the win of Obama now wish to cast aside law which they don't agree with.
They went from law abiding to law deriding in nanoseconds.
This is what? the third proposition in as many elections which shows that the will of most Californians differs from the will of the homosexually inclined?
I've got an idea-all of those homosexually inclined persons who are now ragin' like cajuns...possibly they could direct their energies into building homeless shelters, helping the needy, curbing pollution in their home towns, getting drug dealers arrested-you know-becoming citizens instead of drama queens.
Because right now, all they are doing is adding to the noise pollution of California.
Grow up, homosexually inclined persons. You lost. Again. Judges don't legislate and in a perfect world, legislatures don't judge. They merely reflect the will of most of the people.

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