Sunday, November 02, 2008

Luther? Lu-ther? Where Are You, Buddy?

I'm going to use a word which has so many debatable functions and understandings that I must define how I mean it: Entropy-systems breaking down. Everything falls apart until it is put back together to fall apart again ab initio to just short of infinito.
Look at this figure eight racetrack, which is, of course a symbol for infinity. Wherever one starts in the race isn't important. Divergent forces, each caught in entropy are racing in different directions on the infinite loop. Where they meet, where they have the most in common, when the system is at its most balanced is represented by the "X".
In 2008 each of our political systems, Democrat and Republican are diverging, falling apart to be reformed.
Democrats split between the Pacifist and Worker groups; the Radical Left and the Moderate Left.
Republicans split between Conservative and Moderate groups, Hard Right and Moderate Right.
This is normal. This is tension and inertia working in each party. Each subgroup tries to dominate the other, (tension) while continuing on its own path (inertia).
Whigs, anyone? Meaning that if the divergence becomes so great that the two sub groups can no longer come together, a split is inevitable, and each subgroup becomes a group with divergent subgroups caught in tension and inertia. That means the end for the original group. The Whigs, for example, are now found only in history books.
What each political party needs is a Martin Luther. Someone who will attempt to reform his or her party, pushing it's parts to converge at their optimum "X"...someone who may instead become 'The One' to lead one subgroup into becoming their own group, leaving the other subgroup to carry on or die.
We aren't the world. In the rest of the world this same entropy race is being played out in a multitude of political groupings. I love how entropic racing around a figure eight is mischaracterized as "Progress" and "Evolution". What goes around comes around, friends.

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