Monday, November 24, 2008

Quick! What's The Opposite Of Diversity?

Diversity! What a wonderful ideal! We're all different! Wooo-Hooo!
You do realize, you diversity huggers, what you are putting your arms around and embracing?
Racism. Apartheid. Class warfare. Hatred. Impolite discourse.
Not all ideals are equally valid. Some are just stupid.
If someone says to you: “THEY have it better than YOU and you should be angry about YOUR situ...”
That person is not looking out for your best interests. He or she wants you to follow their lead. The Diversity hatemongers OWN you if you let them fill your heart with hate, your head with nonsense. God made Man. There is no superior or inferior race.
Man-made societal haves and have nots fall into their places due to the sin in every man’s heart-as Bruce Cockburn nearly wrote, we either become the footprint or the foot.
The opposite of Diversity? Unity. We, the people.

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