Friday, November 07, 2008

Hope Is a Bird

Specifically, a chicken with its head on the chopping block...just kidding.
I talked with my brother in law, asking if I could borrow his bumpersticker:
“I love my country but fear my government.”
Again, just jesting. A weak gesture from a tired Jester.
Hope isn’t a bird, and I am not without hope that things will get better.
One encouraging sign: even after the election I am hearing from some about how terrible a person Sarah Palin is. How she is stupid.
I guess they’ve found their new Bush fetish stone to worry over.
Sarah Palin is actually very intelligent, a great person, and quite possibly a future President.
She is nice-a friendly, positive go getter who has accomplished more in her short life than any of those who bad mouth her will in a hundred years.
So why badmouth Sarah? They FEAR her.
That is a hopeful thing for Conservatives to add to their hope chests.
Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Or today. Or at all. He has things well in hand, and there is never any reason to fear. It’s funny that we need reminding of that; it is very human to fear, but very Godly to trust in God, to not worry.
I will pray for President Barack Obama, just as I have for his predecessors. May he surprise us all by doing a great job.
May God continue to Bless the United States of America.

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