Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hoo Boy! Let me Tell ya!

Greetings, fellow earth dwellers. I noticed that it has been near a week since I've updated FDW-some of you know why my life has been hectictical for the past 7. Suffice it that things are fine, and all of that.
I’ve stated here in eternity past that, as a Christian, I am defined by THE Positive, Jesus Christ, not a negative, such as Protestants-proponents of protest against Catholicism.
A lot of Conservatives, Right thinking folks, are upset and angry right now that Obamacare has been signed into law. I can’t join the outrage-it gets my soul all muddy.
Rather than bemoan events, I thank God for every day, every challenge, every bumpy road. I certainly wish that it had failed, and I hope that it gets repealed but you know what? I will go on living either way.
When circumstance grows darker, when times are troubled, more people reach out for God’s hand. He is Glorified when people repent and turn to Him. There’s my silver lining. I would love to see Heaven filled with my friends and family and everyone reading these words. If it takes Obamacare/Gov takeover of the private sector/taxing us back to the stone age for them to look upward...bring it on, Barry!

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