Monday, March 15, 2010

Mouldy Bread and Fleecing Circuses

"When the city of Rome burned, the Romans believed that their emperor, Nero, had set the city on fire, probably because of his incredible lust to build. In order to build more, he had to destroy what already existed." From John MacArthur's introduction to 1 Peter.

Maybe President Obama is a student of history-he certainly seems intent on tearing apart and rebuilding the country into his Ideal.
Nero blamed the Christians, claimed that they burned down the city.
If the ill-named "Healthcare Reform"fails (as seems likely), the President and his Democratic Bread and Circuses Congress will not simply say, "We were wrong-we didn't understand how out of touch we were, going against the will of the American people. Now that we have heard from the public, the Healthcare Reform bill is dead."
No. watch the news and see if I have it right-It will all be blamed on the Republicans who never had enough votes to stop the bill's passing.
Mouldy Bread and Fleecing Circuses. Just sad, obnoxiously sad.
May God Bless the United States of America.

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