Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Shake My Head

Typo-that is supposed to be "Doug" shakes head, but enough about me.
Most recent news about our least favorite new political healthcareless thingie is that approximately 80 million Americans who have healthcare through their workplace...will lose their coverage just like the millions of individual policy holders already impacted by the Affordable Care Act.
Will the American people reject this President and his agenda?
They have rejected such before-President Nixon was hounded from the Oval Office, President Carter was laughed out of the same.
Keeping it simple-this is a bad President with a bad agenda. Listen to your conscience.

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Doug said...

Checking my conscience, I can honestly say that this and similar posts are not partisan-I'm not attacking a Democrat because he is a Democrat-I'm highlighting what I see as wrong and evil.
If a Republican tried to foist upon the nation anything like the ACA, I would be pointing out his or her errors. Wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it.
Speaking of Republicans-there seems to be a strong division in the 'party'. Those who love the Tea Party movement and those who hate them.
Those who hate them seem to be the 'establishment Republicans' who seem to prefer to 'go along' with Democrats. John McCain is such an example.
I am ready to renounce the Republican Party if it continues to reject the Tea Party ideals.
Just had some tea last night, and I will be having more in the near future.