Monday, November 18, 2013

Through Early Morning Fog I See

Forgive, please-the title isn't meant to be mocking or sarcastic-just an entry point into a topic
which is more sensitive than many I prattle on about.
Listening to the radio while playing on the interwebs, someone mentioned that this is the anniversary
date for the "Jonestown" massacre, November 18, 1978.
Socialist self proclaimed god-man Jim Jones. Egomaniac and psychopath. Suicide, but taking 918
or so 'followers' with him. Whether most of them decided to drink the poisoned kool-aid of their own volition or were motivated by the guard's guns pointing at them is something known by God, not me.
We've all been touched by someone's suicide if we live long enough. The earliest case for me was one of my older brother's best friends, back in the early 1970's. Then a classmate's brother. Then...
Here's one of the hard truths: there are 'live suicides', people who have given up on life but have not yet arrived at the point where they physically die. Some, such as a certain alcoholic I know, have been on that dark road for years, and may have years yet to go. That is tough.
Here's the thing-most of the world, this secular, crazy inhumane world-most of the world lives without God.
People may put their trust in imitation gods, or imitation god-men such as Jim Jones,but as we were
created to give Glory to the true God, imitations break us away from our purpose.
Lives without purpose? Lives lived without God?  Suicide becomes a 'Why Not?".
I am one of 'those' who have never been so discouraged or troubled that I have considered suicide.  
I cherish Life, and am grateful to God for all that he has given to us, His Creation.
I am cheered by the knowledge that this inhumane world is a temporary pain which will someday be replaced by a Creation without sin, pain, tears, death.
But as I said, all of us have been touched by suicide, and the Season is about to start again.
Be sensitive-those who are troubled, whom you might only see on there for them, listen to them; if necessary, take the bottle away.


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Doug said...

May God bless you today with the knowledge that He is there, and that Salvation is possible for all who seek to be saved. He specializes in saving those who's sins are as scarlet, who feel that they are too sinful to be good enough for God.
God is greater than sin.