Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shows To Go Ya

So, someone put a good quote with Rob Kennedy. I have no idea if the attribution is correct, or if someone just wanted to put Kennedy with a quote. On the interwebs, it doesn't really matter.
The quote works. Many a public servant (NOT savant) arrives in the power hub an innocent Smeagol and is soon becomes just another Gollum.
For brevity, the current admin is working against the wishes of the majority of the American people.
I have no idea how this will shake out; I'm a notoriously bad judge of politics. But I feel that any over-reach
will be answered by those afflicted. The moral outrage which boiled up 40 years ago when the public believed that their President was lying to them did not die with that generation.
No one likes being lied to, no one respects a liar. No one trusts a liar. When the President has to lie to the American People to get his agenda approved, he is a failure.
Fortunately, this country is greater than any one failure. We will get past this.
You can be patriotic and help with the process of healing by:
1. Being honest. Create or pass along no untruth. Tie your self-respect to the fact that you mean what you say.
2. Reject dishonesty in others. If someone is dis-respecting you by lying to you, call them on it. Call him or her a liar to their face.
If, as a country, we held each other to this standard, can you imagine how much better things would be right now?

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Doug said...

If by some miracle John and Robert Kennedy could be brought back to life, I think that they would not recognize their own political party.
I'm not suggesting that they would become Republicans, but I think that they would be very critical of the present Political party.
But I don't waste much time on fantasies. We can see for ourselves what is happening in our country.
What you decide to do about it may be different than what I will do, but I appreciate that we are still free to disagree.
May God Bless you today.