Monday, November 11, 2013

If You Need Help

Everything old is new again:
I don't know if the link above will work, but the Sunday Assembly might just top off your tank
if you are looking for an Atheistic church-like group.
Not the Methodists this time-these are true Atheists, banding together to enjoy church without God.
And you know what?
God Love'em. 
I much prefer that they gather together in their group and leave mine alone.
Here's the "Everything Old Is" thing. It's been happening unofficially since there have been believers.
Harry Golden, a former scoundrel who took to kicking against the goads of Racism back before I was evolved used to love singing Christmas Carols with Carolers, or so he said in one of his books.
{an aside-Golden's publication, "The Carolina Israelite" was satirical, sharp and did extremely great work in it's time. It was basically Golden's "BLOG" back from the 1940's to 1968, if you can wrap your head around that concept.}
Back to the other Atheists.
These 'Sunday Assembly' groupings might celebrate "Festivus", if that helps pinpoint them on the theological map.
Again, God Love'em.
I don't see them as mocking God, Who they don't believe in. The originators, a Brit comedy team, seem sincere in their wish to enjoy the experience of Congregating without God. If anything, they are mocking Christian behavior, and we are used to that.
The God Who they pretend doesn't exist will call them to answer for their sins, including the sin of disbelief.
All I can do is pray that God will draw them to Himself and turn their unbelief into Faith in Him.
He did that for me and to me and I am eternally grateful. You could call me one of the "Grateful Alive."

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Doug said...

If you were expecting another Veteran's Day tribute, there are plenty to go around. I will be looking up such a tribute in my home town.
I'm sincere in my hope that the one congregating to the Sunday Assembly movement will come to recognize their need for God. If He can talk through Balaam's ride, he can reach anyone anywhere.