Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shameful and Over

Once again I find myself on a narrow ledge inching forward cautiously-I really do not enjoy politi-bickering and would prefer to not stain my weblog with Partisan stuff. This will be short and sour.
Just read that President Obama is skipping a ceremony tribute to President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address because of "this ACA website mess".
Even if I were a Democrat, I would find that shameful.
150 years ago President Lincoln delivered a speech meant to heal a country that had been at war.
It honored the dead. It honored those who fought.
Abraham Lincoln had issued an Executive Order 11 months previous to Gettysburg which declared
that all Slaves should be FREE.
And the first Black President of the United States can't be bothered to show up to take part in a ceremony.
That is shameful.


Doug said...

Yeah, I know-the darkest night has the brightest Dawn...but I care about our Country and the world where God has placed me.
I know that God has everything working according to His Plan, and I am looking for the return of Christ. For now, when I see evil, I call it evil. When I see good, I call it good.

Doug said...
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