Friday, November 22, 2013

We Don't Know Jack

Doug-1959 to 1962.
I knew who Popeye was, though I have no memory of the knowing. My parents convinced me to eat spinach because 'Popeye ate spinach'. One of my few memories of our first home before moving in 1962.
Doug-1963 to the present.
My first "television event" memory was of John Kennedy's funeral. It made an impact as it was on TV for days.
I had no comprehension of "Death"-I only knew that something bad had happened, and that everyone was sad.
In my growing up and somehow growing wiser I have heard all sorts of things about John Kennedy's feet of clay, how he did this and started that and this was happening behind the scenes and all of that stuff.
I think he was a good enough man who made an all right President.
Feet of clay, but he did some good.
I'd be honored to have that epitaph.

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Doug said...

I still like spinach, broccoli and corn, asparagus. Don't come at me with a Brussels sprout if you want to live.
The picture-five frames, each marking a decade that we are moved farther from his memory.
I didn't prattle on about his life or accomplishments or posit about his death because they are long past.
We don't know John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and we never will. His time ended 50 years ago.