Saturday, November 02, 2013

Sit On Hands, Play Chicken With Government

Please don't think of this as a partisan political post-I've been keeping a watchful eye on the roll out/roll over the cliff of Obamacare, which is hurting all of us. There are plenty of others yapping about this, so I will confine my post to just one tiny idea:
Wait. Wait and see, wait to see if reality does triumph over the fabulists. Hang on and hope that this bad idea dies because, like Frankenstein's Monster, it was never meant to live. Government never was meant to control healthcare. The idea was stillborn back in the day when it was derisively called "Hillarycare". They couldn't even bring it to a vote. So wait.
I am not signing up for government health care.
The government might decide that if you are on welfare, to continue to receive benefits, you must sign up.
The government might decide that anyone on social security must sign up. Or starve.
The alleged penalty for not signing up for the exchanges or having health care is supposed to be $95.00.
I will wait.
Some patriot might encourage everyone to participate in a denial of service attack against Healthcare,gov, millions of hits per day while not signing up.
I would say no to that-it would work, but I think that Obamacare will fail on it's own, though I can't imagine how the economic damage already done will be fixed.
Ah well. We survived six decades of Jerry Lewis, I guess we can get by.


Doug said...

I really do not want to get political; like Obamacare, I'm looking to see how the Repubs shake out.
If the leadership continues to attack
Conservatism such as we find in the Tea Party movement...I don't need to support such leadership. Or vote.

Doug said...

My big laugh of the night: