Monday, October 28, 2013

Just A Friendly Reminder

As we seem to be in the midst of turmoil econopoliticmedicinally, I thought a friendly review of a signpost we passed by a while ago may help us to recapture some context:
"It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”
Chief Justice John Roberts
Chief Justice Roberts was absolutely right.
If the Supreme Court had vetoed a law passed by the Legislative and signed by the Executive, it would have acted illegally. The Court is to uphold laws, not break them.
Whether the law had merit, whether it had been pushed through with political tricks...didn't matter. I'm proud to say that Roberts did the right thing.
Elections have consequences, and we elected both the President and the Congress. 
If we don't like what we have...well, it turns out that actions have consequences, too, and the actions taken by this present political leadership may make it hard for incumbents of BOTH Parties to be re-elected.
We've been through "Throw the bums out!" a few times before and guess what?
More bums. The names and faces may be different, but the same old same old takes root in their hearts and all of a sudden we're in another mess.
Until the Lord returns and makes all politicians redundant, I suggest the same band-aid that I've promoted for years: Term Limits. Keep them honest (for a politician) by taking away the possibility of staying in power. 
Knowing that after four or so years they will have to go out and live under the laws they make might just temper their grandiosity. 
May God have Mercy on the United States of America.

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Doug said...

about the alpaca-I was going to go in a different direction with this post, which would have included the alpaca photo. You are very fortunate in that you cannot see into my mind-it's kind of messy in there.