Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blame Me-Feel Free!

I don't think it falls outside the purdom of 'being subject peaceably to the authorities' under which we swelter and strive if I offer a bit of constructive every now and again. I still am peaceable(!), and you won't find me raging against the political machine which is grinding us into bits of unhappy dust. Nope~not here will you find any whiff of disloyalty!
But please, feel free to blame me and my compatriots if our country has fallen further into entropic chaos.
May perhaps it {be} is true that all blame can laid at our dirty shoes.
We certainly must seem untrustworthy-we who (yes, I'm going to say it!) vote Republican and/or trust in an invisible God-how can we go on with this charade all of our lives?
You might imagine that we only break away from our main, punishing the poor for being poor and building our empires on the backs of the helpless-to sham pray just enough to impress each other...then back to whipping (figuratively, most of the time) OUR oppressed for not working hard and fast enough
Please, go ahead-fault me. I'm part of the problem, and am unaware of any solution.
I'm the reason your life has gotten so much harder lately.
I'm to blame for all of everything that is wrong.
I did it.

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Doug said...

Here's the here's once more, my friends. If blaming me and my ilk for the problems in this world makes you feel better, superior, RIGHTEOUS...then fine. Paste a dunce's cap on my memory and dismiss me and my opinions.
It doesn't matter.
You can judge me until the mountains fall into the seas or Obamacare makes things better, whichever comes first---but it won't ever matter.
God is keeping score on my faults (and yours) and on the small bits of good that I accomplish. He will judge me, and that matters to me very much.
Have a good night-I hope to watch Boston take game three tonight.