Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rock Steady

"Safe and secure from all alarms"
is the promise of God to His children, those brought into His family by His Grace.
Perturbulations may abound, countries may fall, life might shake like Greece...
but those who belong to Him are safe.
Safe in this world and when they exit, safe and secure in the next.
If you can read this, then it is not too late for you to seek God and ask Him
to make you secure. Not just for eternity, but for right now.
May God so Bless you today.

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Doug said...

You might be wondering, why Myrna?
What is she doing,looking over her shoulder at you?
I mentioned Will Rogers in a post, and she was of his generation, came to prominence just a bit after he did.
I can tell you one good thing to come out of this ACA boondoggie:
it has brought myself and my friend into agreement; a Dem union man and I both feel the same way about the troubles being visited upon the nation by Washington. Common ground after only 30 years.