Friday, October 11, 2013

With All Due Respect...

I borrowed the graphic from the Drudge Report, though I had to modify it a bit. Still, with fair use, I note that it came from Drudge.
I got a 'survey' from the National Republican something or other t'other day and I dutifully filled it out.
They asked for money and I said No.
They asked for $15.00 to cover their processing of the survey they had sent me.
They asked me to put a stamp on the return envelope to help save them postage.
Nyet, comrade. Nyet.
Though I am not nearly perfect, though I make mistakes with the skills honed from a lifetime of being human...I didn't make this mess. Politicians broke the country, not me.
In keeping with the earlier posting about not getting into other people's business, I am butting out.
I will pay my taxed like an adult.
I will honor this country, and remain patriotic.
But I will not support politicians until they get their act together, which will probably be never.
In a country of 200 million plus souls, I'm just a drop of water in the ocean-anything I do or don't do is merely a symbolic gesture-it doesn't matter to anyone else even a single little bit. But for the sake of my conscience, I am now a conscientious objector rather than a contentious one.  May change with time,
but that is where I am now.
That graphic up in the header? Surrender and all that? It really doesn't matter anymore. They can make me pay taxes, but they can't make me care.

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Doug said...

I did get a big grin a little while ago-another blogger used a word I wasn't sure existed, and I love words.
"Crepuscular" A wonderful word!
Crepuscular Rays, I discovered, are those beams of sunlight/moonlight breaking through clouds.
Crepuscule I knew, as in the wonderful Thelonious Monk song, "Crepuscule With Nellie"
but 'Crepuscular' was new to me.