Wednesday, October 02, 2013

No Shutdown Here, Pal!

Yah, you think you've seen it before-one of my faves for Fall, which I have past-posted.
But this time I mixed it larger up a bit.
Rather than attempting to punditry something about the situ we are in {now}, I will
assumerate about what will happen a few nexts from now:
the medical thing will be unpopular.
Party in power loses elections.
Other party is no better.
the end.
post script: If it takes pain and suffering for people to seek God, possibly that may in part
explain why Man continually causes trouble, pain and suffering. That's how God got
my attention, and I am ever thankful for those troubles. May God put in you the faith
to believe.

1 comment:

Doug said...

About my posted oddly words on the front page:
if the gov ever devises a way to tax my syntax that would be a syn. tax.

(hint-sometimes I only write to amuse myself-thank God I have low standards!)