Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Charismatics~Strange Fire Or Friendly Fire?

So, along with all the rest of the chaos clinging to the sides of the planet, right now some small fuss and furor
is happenin' amongst the Charismatics because of Dr. MacArthur's "Strange Fire" conference.
I say 'small fuss and furor' because I assume that most Charismatics have never heard of Dr MacArthur.
You won't find his books in their bookstores, and the few that know of him are certain that he is wrong about Pentecostalism. So why would they pay any attention to a false teacher?
I don't often do this, and the link may not work, but:
Here's the here's, friends. Whatever we know now about God and the world we exist in we know as through a glass, darkly.
Meaning that we all can spend our lifetimes studying God's Word and still, no matter how much we learn, we have limited knowledge on this side of the veil.
And on the other side of that same veil, we will know completely what and who is right about the stuff we differ on now.
Why are there Charismatics and non-Charismatics in the body of Christ, the Church? I have no idea.
God knows. And we will find out.


Doug said...

as per my usual modal aprehendi, here I am continuing the natter from the front page.
To be fair, on the Charismatical side of the equation there are about 15 million authors of Pentecostal books, and I read very few of them, usually to critique the books for friends who want my opinion.
So the Pentes ignore MacArthur, and those on his side of the divide usually ignore the Pentes.
Interesting times, indeed, with all the rest of the world going crazy we have time for a Christian vs Christian fudge match.
Who wins?

Doug said...

Okay I just dropped Myrna for this nice lady I don't know holding a cat that cracks me up.
Cat humor. I luv it

Doug said...

It was past my bedtime, but I stayed up to watch the Bosox win over Detroit and head to the World Series.
A ggreat game, and I look forward to Wednesday when the series starts.