Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trust Not In Pastors

In my 30 plus years as a Christian, I have been on quite a journey. Love where I am, and how I got here.
If you think that you are guaranteed Heaven because someone else has told you so, you better get scared straight, sister.
Trust not in pastors or grandmothers or teachers or parents or anyone else who tells you that you are guaranteed Heaven apart from the Grace of God.
If God hasn't brought you to the point of Salvation, you aren't there yet. You are still on your way to hell.
Salvation without repentance is impossible.
But you can find a dozen preachers proclaiming that every Sunday on TV.
You are saved not when you FEEL something, but when God saves you and makes that salvation apparent to you.
I've said before that "God Loves everybody too much to send anyone to hell." is a lie and the basis for many
false ministries.
Trust not in pastors.
If you lack the discernment to know whether or not a pastor is speaking the truth, recognize that as a sign that you are in trouble. You can't test a pastor against your opinions or assumptions, as that would be like testing soap to see of it makes good windows.
You can only check a pastor against the Word of God. And again, not with your assumptions and opinions leading you. Ask God to open the Scriptures for you, to give you discernment regarding what you are reading.
May God keep after you until you are His.

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Doug said...

Bye the bye, if you have issues with anything I've written regarding Christianity/pagans/liars/saints...print my stuff and bring it to any pastor you know.
But after you hear what he has to say, still...check it against the Bible. Ask God who is right or wrong.