Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Long View Is Better

This little guy 50 years ago was me. Right now I sit 5.50 miles from that crabapple tree. That works out to
approximately ten years per mile. Nobody calls me 'Swifty'.
Though this post is in part about what our country is going through right now with the Affordable Care thingie, with the government shut down, with most prominent Republicans getting fitted for "Washington Generals" jerseys...I'm not going to rip or riposte the current events. But I am going to talk about stuff.
In my private library (the one with a shower and sink and...stuff) I'm reading a biography of Will Rogers.
What we are going through now isn't that different from the muck and myre that he would satire on stage
between rope tricks. But everyone has their allotted time and that's it.
My time started approx 54.75 years ago, and will continue until I get to Heaven. Or until Heaven comes to Earth with Jesus Christ.
I have no idea how much time I have left on this sullen rock. But I'm cheered to think that most of my journey is behind me. segue
Right now I exist without 'health insurance'.
I'm not against having it; I enjoyed it for many years until my job went away. COBRA would have wiped out my savings and now, with insurance skying higher and higher, I can't even afford to get dizzy, let alone sick.
It all seems a mess, but even if things get dire...we will survive. I will survive. I trust in God's Providence, which cannot be taxed or taken from me.
May God Bless us all, no exceptions~

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Doug said...

On another blog I was taken to task for mocking Climate Change as if it were not a real problem which we have to fix.
No rip or riposte there, either-no one's mind is changed by 'facts' or arguments, so if someone is truly scared by Climate Change...I feel bad for them. I wouldn't like to fear something like that.
Peace like a river, man.