Saturday, February 25, 2006

Does the world make sense to you?

Does the world make sense to you?
Have you got it all figured out?
Do you have a ready explanation for everything that is happening in the world?
Me too. I have always thought that it would be the worst kind of nightmare, to be unsure,
to lack the grounded, rational understanding of existence. To lack confidence in your beliefs, guessing your way through life.
Which is why it is hard for me to understand someone’s rationale who isn’t grounded in reality.
And it’s also why my confidence in what I believe doesn’t register as true to them-”No one can know for sure, and all these people like Doug are fooling themselves, are self-deceived.” That is a defense mechanism.
My beliefs, as true, threaten to tear down yours; they are mutually exclusive. So for the preservation of your world view, mine must either be ignored or torn down to the point where it’s just a pile of rubble no bigger than your own- that you can live with.
Lets look at those two world views for a moment-
I believe in God, the same God who created everything and created us for His purposes; He and His Word are the solid ground I build my house on. My world view accepts only one possibility-that God exists and He is the same God who led the Israelites out of Egypt and led me out of the World and into His family. In accepting Him, I reject all others.
On the other hand, someone whose world view rejects that same God, doesn’t know for sure who or what God is, but is certain that it can’t be the God which the Bible or Doug talk about-that person’s house is built on shifting sand, and the defense mechanisms can get quite loud and dangerous.

Yes, in part I’m talking about Islam again. Go ahead and click off to another site-I’m tired of hearing about it, too.
Though paying lip service to Jews and Christians, calling them “The People of the Book”, Islam rejects the God we worship.
And just like the alcoholic who cannot admit to his problem, but goes into a rage if anyone suggests that there IS a problem...Muslims rage (Moderate Muslims fume quietly) against anyone who doesn’t respect Islam.
And that rage is irrational. As in-not rational, as in-doesn’t make sense or square with reality.
An intervention is needed. Rather than placate them, or pay lip service to their fantasy of Allah and his Prophet, pretending that it is real, I suggest that they need to hear the Gospel-the Good News that they do not have to die in their sins, but can indeed be born again into a right relationship with God.
Who wouldn’t love to see 1.5 billion Muslims blessing their enemies instead of cursing them, loving their neighbors as themselves, turning the other cheek and becoming the meek who inherit the Earth?

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