Monday, February 20, 2006

Washington Welcoming Lincoln to Heaven

My family doesn't ever throw anything away. This picture is from a postcard which was printed just after the death of President Lincoln. Here's a thought:celebrate President's Day not just as a memorial to the past, but take a moment, speak out in appreciation for President Bush and all that he has done for this country. If you can't think of anything, at least consider remaining silent for a day out of respect. You can always rip him up tomorrow.
I'll start. I appreciate that President Bush has remained firm at making war on those who attacked us on 9-11-01. That we have not had another major attack on our soil is a testament to both his and our government's vigilance. President Bush has also kept our fighting forces strong and prepared for the battles nessesary to win the war.
Thank God for President George W. Bush.

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