Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This is for le

At two o’clock in the morning,
the barking dog blues become very apparent to all
like me, who are still evaded by sleep.
You can only turn your pillow so many times before it seems
to have come straight from an oven.
Opening and closing your eyes really does nothing
In the dark, but Hey!
If there was ever a time to do that which is in our opinion best
it’s at two o’clock in the dark morning
when the barking dog blues overtake the unrested.

Ah... Finally... You’re about to drop off...
your body grins to itself...
knowing it wont be long now...

WHA? That Dog! Two houses down!
Starts defending his yard against the tree-rustling wind!

The barking dog blues cover like three heavy blankets
And falling from your window because you’re half-screaming asleep only
makes it worse.
Believe me-I know.

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