Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sex Scandal Hits Heartland

February 26, 2006
Omaha, Nebraska
Sociable Press

A new curriculum introduced this year in Omaha city schools is being protested by some parents and other concerned citizens. The program, entitled "Sex Educations: Back To Nature", was adopted in a unanimous vote last fall by the Omaha City School Board for introduction in grades three through twelve beginning in January 2006. "This program," said Mr. Herbert Harbinger, president of the school board, "will takee our sex education program from being an illustrative and expository approach to a picturesque and imaginative one.

The program involves skits or playlets designed and performed by the students themselves following a guide book of suggestions. The guide book includes a graduated series of lesson plans and includes such skits as 'early courtship', 'dealing with temptation', and 'cross pollination', pictured above.

Those who oppose the new program are saying that it will cut into the programs already in place such as the use and distribution of protective devices and classes in alternative activities. "How do you incorporate condom use into a skit involving insects and flowers?" asked Lola Hairraiser, spokesperson for Citizens Advocating Civic Action (CACA). "This program will drive these kids back into the dark ages."

Ms. Hermione Flowchart, superintendent of the Omaha School District, believes differently. Commenting on the cross-pollination skit pictured here she smilingly said, "The presentations are very picturesque and quaint and cover the subject matter completely. "This program will allow the children to use their imaginations in a more positive way. "In addition," added Ms. Flowchart, "the district will save several hundred dollars a month on bananas."

Those against the change however, have intimated that they may file a lawsuit to bring back the former program which included filmed demonstrations of various sex acts, lessons in alternatives to intercourse, a segment on avoidance of STD's and treatment of STD's, as well as distribution of free condoms.


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