Sunday, February 05, 2006

Who Let Her In?

I’ve been reading a lot about the most recent Islamic upheaval, and I can see that there is a wide divergence of opinions even among conservatives about what is going on. Some think it’s a tempest in a teapot, others feel it is the global continuance of the French riots of last Summer; I don’t know.
But I do know this: Look at the lives of those who are motivated by hate. See how they run. See how miserable they are, how negative they are. In the collage that I put together-see the woman smiling, pointing above her head at the caricature of President Bush losing his? That part I didn’t touch-she really is pointing at that sign with a smile on her face.
Hate eats you up until there’s nothing left but rotted squash and stinky bones.
I don’t hate, but do feel sorry for the Muslim trapped by fear in a hateful false religion. Fear feeds the anger feeds the pride feeds the riots.
So why do I post pictures like this? Because I love being free, and I love living in a country where we have the freedom to speak our minds. And I wanted the picture to be a mirror-I want that smiling woman to see how hateful her actions are. I want the Muslim to see what free speech can be like-that the Terroristic Islamists cannot run roughshod over free speech in the West as they do in Islamic countries.
Free speech -I exercised my free speech today by deleting comments made by Antigone here. They weren’t all negative, they weren’t all argumentative, or disrespectful; but some were, and I just cleaned house. After I had edited offensive comments from her awhile back, she posted a link back to her blog where she really cut loose with the vileness, knowing that I and others would check out the link. She has the right to say whatever she wants on her site-that is absolutely free speech. But when she’s a guest, she should remember that she’s a guest, and attempt to be polite. If all she has are arguments-if all she is IS contrary--so sorry, busy enjoying life here; come back last week and try again.

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