Sunday, February 12, 2006

So They Want a Cartoon Fight, Do They?

When Allan mentioned Pogo over at Michael's site I went over to my bookshelf and took down an old Pogo book; Here imagine Pogo as representing Denmark and all of the West-while Churchy and Ol' Owl with their manufactured outrage fill in quite nicely for the Muslims pursuing their agenda. It not an exact allegory, as Pogo tries to placate them by swearing an oath-but since Walt Kelly drew this in the early 1950's-close enough for comparison.
Elsewhere I've noted that it was an Arab who invented the game of Chess-and that this current cartoon crisis is the latest gambit of a global chess game, with the Muslims guaging our reactions to their 'moves', modifying their attack, seeking Checkmate.
Praise God we have a King who can't be captured, lured into an indefensible position, or even stalemated. It was never even a contest:Jesus Christ has Won. And the Muslims are among the sore losers.
Here's a related thought which may seem unrelated:
"Satan has never had a single friend."

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